What's your favorite otp so far in the series? :D #TeamEarnpete

Phun & Noh 
and the two neighbor guys i don't know their names T_T im so bad with names haha
im also shipping the neigbors :D also before earn and pete was canon i was shipping pete with president of school idk why xD
Dunno, every time I see another pair of guys I fall for them and I couldn't choose one :v
But PerWin is so cute.
And jealous Mick with Om...
And sad Earn and Pete...
And Phun smiling to Noh...
I love Per/Mawin :3 My second favourite would be Earn/Pete.
Omg I love all the ships!! But I have a soft spot for Om and Mick. Mick is just so adorable, the way Om cares for him... they're amza's'b'h'f'vbf
Om/mick and Phun/noh just make me smile when i see them on screen ^.^ 
phun x noh, om x mick, earn x pete, per x mawin

idk i ship everything otl

and i think the the two neighbor guys are golf and moan (*edit: or they are per and mawin? because i'm still watching the ep 10)

Phun x Noh

Earn x Noh

Yuri x Noh

Keng x Noh

Ohm x Noh

Golf x Noh

lol... I ship everybody x Noh.  Cause he's that loveable . hahhah :D