What's your favorite otp so far in the series? :D #TeamEarnpete

Phun & Noh 
and the two neighbor guys i don't know their names T_T im so bad with names haha
im also shipping the neigbors :D also before earn and pete was canon i was shipping pete with president of school idk why xD
Dunno, every time I see another pair of guys I fall for them and I couldn't choose one :v
But PerWin is so cute.
And jealous Mick with Om...
And sad Earn and Pete...
And Phun smiling to Noh...
I love Per/Mawin :3 My second favourite would be Earn/Pete.
Omg I love all the ships!! But I have a soft spot for Om and Mick. Mick is just so adorable, the way Om cares for him... they're amza's'b'h'f'vbf
Om/mick and Phun/noh just make me smile when i see them on screen ^.^ 
phun x noh, om x mick, earn x pete, per x mawin

idk i ship everything otl

and i think the the two neighbor guys are golf and moan (*edit: or they are per and mawin? because i'm still watching the ep 10)

Phun x Noh

Earn x Noh

Yuri x Noh

Keng x Noh

Ohm x Noh

Golf x Noh

lol... I ship everybody x Noh.  Cause he's that loveable . hahhah :D

Phun x Noh 

 only romantic OTP I saw...so... 

(Everything else looked like jealous bromances and I wanted Golf w/ Yuri even if they never met! They were just both losers in love!)

Noh x Ohm <-- Best Bromance ever!   

Noh x Music department  <--- Best Squad ever!  

Noh x Yuri <---- Best Supportive Ex-Girlfriend ever!

Noh x Servants <---- Best Servants ever!! They make me laugh. 

Anyway, they were the ony ones I noticed.  I would have put Phun's sister but  she didn't get any play season 2 to get on the list.  Noh really got it all man  Phun won nothing.  He won NOTHING.  

Ultimately, Noh has the best bro and squad to back him in everything.  He won't get any shit if he's with Phun by ANYONE in the school.  His coolness level will remain the same and I would bet rise by the girls since they're all fujoshi freaks .[pot meet kettle]

**** Ah...one surviving pairing that I didn't mention but I appreciate:

Jeed x Yuri <--- Yuri is a sweetheart and can melt a stone of evil. Jeed needed someone like her.  Yuri was the only real friend Jeed ever had. Furthermore, Aim was a poison who had to bring down one last thing...and tried to do that with Yuri and Jeed.  I'm glad at the end---Jeed saw the error of her ways.  I hope she can make it up to Yuri.  I wish for an S3.