Come on all you MDLers, help a girl out! can anyone help me find IL Paradiso delle Signore (The Ladies Paradise) with English subs to watch for free in the UK. Raiplay and Acorn TV won't work in UK. Thankyou!


When the fiery Teresa Iorio learns of her fiancé’s infidelity, she sees her chance for freedom. She flees to Milan to help her aunt and uncle with their small textiles store. Her uncle’s business rivalry with the much larger department store, Il Paradiso Delle Signore, soon sees her exercising her temper on the mysterious owner, Pietro Mori. He’s a man with a shady past and penchant for taking risks. Immediately, Teresa makes quite an impression on Mori and his longtime friend and right-hand man Vittorio Conti.

Soon, she’s working as a salesgirl at this glamorous store. Teresa finds her world expanding as she forms new relationships with her co-workers and witnesses the behind the scenes management of Il Paradiso Delle Signore.

As Teresa grows in independence, she also becomes a point of contention between Mori and Conti. Both are smitten with her. But Mori is already involved with the daughter of his biggest investor. While Conti proves to be a great help to Teresa. However, Conti’s reputation as a ladies’ man is well earned and gives Teresa cause to doubt. Of even greater importance is Teresa’s own desire for independence.

After a long search, I found a way to watch this series strait from RAI! Give it a try if you like! 

First, you have to add on your chrome browser the extension "Urban VPN"

when ready, choose the country: ITALY and push the play button!

Go to Rai web tv (ie. programmi/ il paradiso delle signiore )

and enjoy!!! 

(i 'm so happy I did this all by myself after months of searching for a free VPN  that includes Italy! glad if I helped <3)

Many Thanks  Alice  of Quantum. You are a star!