hello guys!

i'm looking for dramas where ML leave FL and later regret it badly .... i dont mind if FL wouldn't forgive him .  please suggest me some dramas

i'm looking for dramas where ML leave FL and later regret it badly .... i dont mind if FL wouldn't forgive him
  • You Are My Glory - Yu Tu reject Qiao Jing Jing twice. The second time, he regrets it deeply.
  • Sound of the Desert - Mo Xun rejects Jin Yu and deeply, deeply regrets it. I consider Mo Xun to be the SML.
  • Love O2O - The female lead plays an online game where she has a "husband" (Zhen Shao Xiang / Zhen Shui Wuxiang). That "husband" leaves her for another woman. Another male player (Xiao Nai / Yi Xiao Nai He) takes the opportunity to become the female lead's "husband" in the game. Xiao Nai is the male lead of the drama and uses their in-game relationship as a way to launch an in-real-life relationship with the female lead. When Zhen Shao Xiang meets them in-real-life, he deeply regrets his actions.
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - The ML chooses power over the FL, so she leaves him. After her death he has deep regrets.
  • Jealousy Incarnate - In an effort to deny / stop his developing feelings for the FL, the ML sets her up with his best friend. He immedediatly deeply regrets it.  

Maybe...Have a Crush on You or possibly Yan Zhi's Romantic Story (ML refuses FL and very much regrets it).

  • New Tales of a Gisaeng
  • Plus Nine Boys
  • Inborn Pair
  • Kleun Cheewit
  • Everyone Loves Me
  • Amnesia Girl 

Everyone loves me +1 The ML rejects the FL, but later finds out that she's the girl he has liked, So he tries to win her back.

I may love you - The FL likes the ML, so she finally confesses only to get rejected. So she decides to leave the company. The ML doesn't want her to leave, but with her absence, he realizes that he likes her. So he tries to win her back. 

You are my Destiny- I haven't seen this one yet. But someone recommended it to me for the trope of where the ML regrets hurting the FL and tries to win her back. Maybe worth a try?

The Princess's Man  - there is a very painful breakup period when ML leaves FL

Bloody Romance  - ML leaves FL only  for a short while but it has dire consequences and he definately regrets it a lot

The Wolf  - ML leaves  FL due to external circumstatnces but later he refuses to  accept her and it causes a great pain to both of them

Money Flower  - ML not so much leaves FL as he  gives up on pursuing her ; he regrets it in terms of mourning the unborn romance but he would still probably do the same

Mr. Sunshine  - one of  second male leads (all of them are gem!) let's the FL wait for him too long and when he  finally comes to her it's too late

Six Flying Dragons  - one od main male characters  leaves the girl he loves  (is chased away by her) in traumatic circumstances and because of that they both suffer later on