So I want a hero that's serious, something similar to The King's woman ML or Till the end of the moon's ML. 

I prefer historical dramas, though I don't mind them being set in the modern day.

I want obsessive love from the ML or SML or the villain, i don't care which one, in the "I must have you" or "you only belong with me" type of obsessive love.  Similar to The princess weiyoung's Tuoba Yu. 

Dramas I have watched that have this: 

- The King's Woman (ML)

-  The princess weiyoung (SML)

- Till the end of the moon (Ms

- Princess agents (this should not be on this list    as his love was never "I have to have you", but I did like his devotion. I am talking about yuwen yue)

- Cheese in the trap (ML)

I don't mind cdramas or kdramas.

Thank you in advance. 

Too Late to Say I Love You (an oldie) is still to this day one of the most obsessed ML drama, and the first drama that comes to mind when this trope is requested.  He's completely coo-coo, toxic, not politically correct, a huge red flag, etc.  

Male lead:

  • New Tales of a Gisaeng (Modern)
  • Love like galaxy (Historical, Tamer)
  • sealed with a kiss (Period)
  • Cruel Romance (Period)
  • Lee Junkai (modern)
  • Before we Got married (Modern)
  • what happened in Bali (Modern)
  • Thai: Hua Jai Sila, Sawan Biang, Jam Loey Rak

Second Lead:

  • Bridal Mask (Period)
  • Love In Sadness (Modern)
  • Empress Ki (Historical)
  • Falling for Innocence (Modern)
  • Missing You (Modern)

  • Moon lovers
  • The Princess Man
  • High end crush
  • Noble my love

My Love Eun Dong

For villains, Vincenzo and Strong girl nam soon. Villains falls for female leads to almost obsessive manner that they don't see red flags of fl lmao.

For strong girl nam soon, its ok if you don't watch from start because the drama itself is not good but watch it for villain if you want. From ep 5 or 6