Hi, I'm looking for a cool and interesting series set in the world of xianxia (swords, cultivation, historical costumes, etc.), in which one or several positaci are reborn (after their own death, e.g. The Untamed), transmigrate to the past (e.g. Mr. Queen), goes back in time to do things differently (e.g. Till the end of the moon).

Bromance (like in Word of Honor or Mysterious Lotus Casebook) will be a big plus.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions :) 

Not exactly but along those lines:

  • Lost Track of Time (FL dies, returns to the past, and tries to change the events from happening)
  • Story of Kunning Palace (FL dies and finds herself several years in the past and decides to change things)
  • Twisted Fate of Love (FL time travels several times to try to save her country and later the ML)
  • The Eternal Love (modern day FL transmigrates into the body of a woman in ancient China)
  • Jun Jiu Ling (FL is presumed dead but switches face with another woman)
  • Renascence (FL dies but her soul enters her sister's body)
  • The Only Girl You Haven't Seen (FL dies, transmigrates into another woman's body, and sets out for revenge)
  • An Ancient Love Song (modern day ML time travels multiple times into the past, but every time he does so it's earlier than the time before)
  • Faith (modern day FL time travels to ancient Korea)