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Hi It's me again~~ I want to watch a drama (from ANY countries) where the male always loves to tease or prank the female lead.  

No more detailes or storyline needed. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Bring It On, Ghost
Falling for Innocence
Modern Farmer
Smile, You
Wild Romance
Drinking Solo
Second to Last Love
Love, Timeless
Memory Lost
Just You
Miss Rose
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
Gakkou no Kaidan
Definitely Fight For My Way and My Mr. Mermaid. In My Mr. Mermaid it's the secondary couple, but it's worth the watch just for that. 
Autumn concerto - doesnt really show the guy often pranking the girl. But their first encounter was due to a bet. So it seemed like a prank.

Love O2O - he was for the longest time baiting the girl of he who truly was, since they are close in the cyber world but in reality they ahvent talked yet

Descendants of the Sun - no explanation needed, right? The landmine scene? Or the he is dead part?

warm and cozy - playful asorable and sometimes frustrating teasing the male lead does

Lovers in Prague - the girl was stalked an eating place frequented by the guy, so that they would 'bump' into each other like fate. The guy arrived at the resto just arrived when the girl already finished eating her lunch, but he asked/offered for her to eat lunch even though he already saw her eat lunch. She was compelled to 'eat' again. He did bust her failed stalking attempts.

Man to Man - at start he was just doing his espionage lying game, but later he does try to prank the female lead until she had become wiser of his ways.

love in the moonlight - he was pranking her through put the eunuch test, and even when she had him be assigned to his palace

my secret romance - he tried to act as if he drowned, and there were a couple of times he rejected her food when in fact he loved them just so that she wikk jake it for him a couple of times.

lets eat 2
because its the first time
Discovery of romance
Ugly Duckling Perfect Match! 
WOW! Thats lot of recommendation :D  i've watched most of it but will look up others soon :) Thank You
You guys forgot Schol 2017... Or did you mention it and I missed it?
I second School 2017 
Hotaru no Hikari
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
I loved school 2017!!! Anything similar? 
Go Ho's starry night.  Some of it might be more light bullying but there's teasing too.  And its obvious WHY he bullies her from the beginning.