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I just finished "I need romance 3" and I can't seem to get over the male lead.  Can't I get some recommendations for male leads who are similar.  Patient, sweet, sexy, and devotwd with the right amount of snark.  Noona romances are OK but too big an age gap or too young a male lead makes me feel icky.....

I haven't seen I Need Romance 3 but based on your description, I'd recommend:

Healer (for sure)
Suspicious Partner
I Remember You / Hello Monster
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
The K2
I second Strong Woman DBS and Healer. I also haven't seen I need romance 3, but here are some male leads that I had trouble getting over because of how cool they were:

Descendants of the Sun (don't even get me started on the lead)
One More Happy Ending
On the Way to the Airport (one of the sweetest and gentlest male leads I've seen)
and maybe? Pinocchio

Btw, I totally get the age gap icky feeling. None of the dramas I recommended had that., although Pinocchio is a little tricky because of the complicated family history and On the Way to the Airport is tricky because of the taboo topic. 

I love strong woman do bong soon.  Good rec.  He's a pretty decent example.  Healer is on my list definitely.  And I also agree on descendents, he and the second lead both get to me.  Haha  thanks for the recs guys.  Someone who does on and loves the female lead a lot as well.
Nine: Nine times time travel
+1 On the way to the airport
Plus Nine Boys
Queen for 7 days
Queen In Hyun's Man
Splash Splash Love
Legend of the Blue Sea
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Witch's Romance
Wu Xin the Monster Killer
Please come back Mister - "Sweet" in a way but more SEXY than sweet (because of certain circumstances), however, he does tease the woman a bit.

Weightlifting Fairy - teasing at first, but it's all sweet - Definitely "Sexy"

Healer - when in normal mode

I hear your Voice - sweet guy iirc

and like Linus said, On the way to Airport - just be open minded about the show xD