I’m looking for a drama in which a kid(s) plays a major role. It may be the thing that gets the main couple together (your typical i-dont-like-you-but-my-child-adores-you trope or something) or just like, the main leads work with kids, I don’t know, as doctors and what not.

What I really don’t want is the kid to be there just to increase drama and only appear for 1 minute per episode.

edit: I’m watching Blade man right now and I love the he-finds-out-he’s-a-father thing. I’m looking for something like this, maybe with more cute father-son interactions.

Autumn's Concerto- The kid is the lead's child together and he is so smart, this can be an spoiler because involves secret pregnancy. He'll win you over in 2 seconds, he's such a cutie pie. Once he's born he appears in every episode.

 Blade Man- The child is the male lead's with another woman and the female lead takes care of him. Very touching father-son story. 

Eternal Love, aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms- A-Li, the leads' son, doesn't come until later in the drama but, he steals the show. He's a cutie and so bright. 

NOT romance dramas:

  • My Girl (jdrama)
  • Tantei Gakuen Q
  • Marumo no Okite

marriage contract  the couple and the kid had one of the best chemistry i ever saw but the show is on the sad side  still i highly recommend it (a very well done show )

Five Enough (if you like family dramas) 

Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (both the drama and the film) has a little girl in it as one of the main roles (and let me tell you right now, the actress' acting is AMAZING) and she helps to bring Tabito and the main woman together as the woman is her teacher. There's also Yokai Ningen Bem (I think I spelt that right) with a little boy in it who must be around 6 years old and his acting is also ON POINT i mean seriously. He's part of the main 3 roles. Definitely recommend both dramas they're so good. 


Couple or Trouble, it´s a little old, but there was kids in it.

Fated to Love You ,  he has a minor role, altought very funny.

Usagi drop is j movie, but it is very good!! 


Usagi drop is j movie, but it is very good!! 

^^ I agree with this! The movie was very nice

Oh My Geumbi - the little girl was the main center of the dramathis one is super heartbreaking to watch

Marriage Contract

Oh My Lady

Thank You

Two weeks

Movies: Miracle of cell no 7, my brilliant life

because of meeting you

stars falling from the sky...lots of kids that play a big roll in the story


cheer up mr kim

The Masked Lover - the FL's twin sister is in a coma, she takes over parenting her sister's young daughter, who has never met her father. The daughter thinks the ML is her father. The ML and FL grow closer while parenting

1% of Something - the FL teaches young kids. She loves her job and the kids, and although the ML starts out quite rude, the FL first starts to see his kind side when he's good to various kids throughout the drama

The Queen's Classroom (Korean version) has a wonderful ensemble of young actors in the 12-14 age range. Alone in Love and Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family) also feature children who give lovely performances in key roles.