I'm looking for something that I can binge in a day. Because tomorrow in North-America, it's black friday and I don't wanna go out because the shopping malls are gonna be crowded, so I'm staying home all day long. (I don't work). So yeah, can you recommend me any that I can binge in 7-9 hours? Something short and sweet please. Cheesy and cliche welcome too. I've watched and loved : "Noble, my Love", "Go Ho's starry night." No more than 12 episodes (45 minutes each). Thanks.

If you liked "Noble, my love" maybe you can try "High-end crush", it has 20 episode but they're 15 minute each.

Light romcom: Splash Splash Love, Ma boy, Have Coffee with an angel

Comedy: Boy Next Door, the Legendary Shuttle

More melodramatic genre but a super sweet: Page turner, Kingyo Club, the day after we broke up

I made this list of all the short/web dramas that I have watched/planning to watch :D 


Thumping Spike (season 1) is a great short drama!

Everyone has good suggestions. I would just add Queen of the Ring. It's a very cute webdrama. Here it says 21 eps,10 minutes each,but I think they've combined in on streaming sites to 6 longer episodes. 

Definitely agree with Splash Splash LOVE


  • Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match - 9 50 minute episodes (many lakorns are short and available from the official source on youtube - so they're in HD and have proper subtitles) 

(suggestion: I read the description for this drama so I knew the basic premise and skipped most of the first episode up to the point where she arrived at the university because the set-up was pretty tedious, and I didn't feel like I missed out on anything) 

  • 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made - 10 ~50 minute episodes
  • My Only Love Song - 10 hours (30 minutes / 20 episodes) on Netflix
  • Sassy Go Go - 12 1 hour episodes
  • My Secret Romance - 13 1 hour episodes (outside your timeframe, but it's the same ML as Noble, My Love and a better story)

Highly recommend "Something about 1%(2016). 30 minutes episodes and drama is sweet and short 

PAGE TURNER (3 episodes)

Missing noir M (10 eps) one of the best crime investigation dramas

Baby sitter (4 eps)

Romance Blue - 6 episodes, 15 minutes each

Ordinary Love/Just An Ordinary Love Story- 4 episodes, 1 hour each

Snow Lotus Flower/Lucid Dream -  120 minutes total, divided into  2 episodes/60 min or 8 episodes/20 min each depending on what site you watch the drama.

Nine Seconds-Eternal Time - 7 episodes, 15 min each

KBS Drama Specials - usually single episodes of 60 minutes each.  You can find them on KBS Youtube channel, on Dramafever under the title "Drama Showcase" , and on Viki using search keyword "Drama Specials"

  • High end crush

Considering the 12 episodes and 45 minutes restrictions, the best option is a jdrama, here are some of my recommendations:

  • Buzzer Beat
  • Kahogo no Kahoko
  • We married as a job
  • Totsuzen desuga ashita kekkonshimasu
  • Please love the useless me 
  • Zenkai Girl
  • Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

Thanks, I think I will settle for "Asuko March". I love the trope  : 1 FL with many guys.

White Christmas

Girls' Generation 1979

Kuroneko Lucy

Boku no Yabai Tsuma


Thanks, I think I will settle for "Asuko March". I love the trope  : 1 FL with many guys.

I hope you enjoy watching it! :)  you'll probably get SLS though.;P