She falls in love with both of them, but then chooses the ML. Though she continuously hurts him because of her feelings for the SML who's trying to win her. She decides to focus on the ML in the end. Happy Ending.

Not exactly but similar, since she falls in love with one brother (SML) but after having interaction with the other brother (ML) she ends up falling in love with him but then the SML discovers he is in love with her:

  • Why why love
  • Snow white
  • She is nineteen

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The other ones I know does not have a Happy ending or she ends up with the 2nd lead brother 

Cruel romance has a similar structure except (1) they're not related by blood though for the ML it is all the same and (2) the story is convoluted and quite dark actually.

beautiful Gong Shim I'm not done watching the drama but there seems to be some elements you're looking for. 

A girl and Three Sweethearts

Not two but three brothers :D It‘s a Japanese drama with 10 eps

loving never forgetting (c-drama. And they're half brothers but didn't grow up together)