I been on a little mission watching BL after BL and I am left almost unsatisfied. There are so many out here that just plain suck because they don't allow the boys to touch or they have WTF endings. And worst of all they are bromance dramas in disguised. Right now the only thing I am looking forward to are What the Duck season 2, 2 Moons season 2, and Love By Chance which are ALL DELAYED. I am dying here..I can't find anything to my liking. I dunno if I am picky but here is what I watched so far and what I like and don't like. 


What The Duck

2 Moons

HIStory series ( I watch all but the teacher one)

Club Friday The Series Season 8: True Love…or Confusion

My Baby Bright

Antique Bakery

Addicted Heroine

Kiss Me Again (currently watching)


Sotus ( I couldnt finish it for some reason I lost interest even though i love the characters)

Advance Braverly

Make it Right thee series (i only watched  episodes the main character annoys me lol)

A round trip to love 1 and 2

The Fairy Fox

Straight Man ???

Plus there are some lakorns with BL couples in it I have seen too. So please save me~ I need recommendations please.

You hate a few that I loved, but here's a few of my favorites:

Method (amazing movie, story, and male leads)
Dark Blue and Moonlight (there is some dark stuff in this, that I don't think a lot of people liked)
Love Sick The Series 2 (you have to watch the 1st season, to understand what's going on, it's cute.  Although, you hating Make it Right, not sure if you'll like this.  It's similar)
Boy Next Door (short, cute, very funny webdrama)
Together With Me (a prequel to Bad Romance, which was made 1st, but you don't need to watch it to understand and enjoy this one)

I have more on my list: BL / Gay

HIStory Right or Wrong which U didn't saw is actually pretty amazing so you should give it  a try

agree about Together with me

Water Boyy The Series

Yandai byway no.10

Grey Rainbow

Since I haven't seen anyone mention it, I recommend The Lover!

The series focuses on 4 'couples', one of which is between two guys who start out in the series as roommates. They do not get to be as explicit as the other 3 couples, sadly, because this was a pretty mainstream kdrama and we know there're still limits to how far they can go but it was overall really good. Their story was really sweet and the other 3 couples were really entertaining too!


I just realized you didn't specify sooo just in case. I'll also include some non-asian BL:

From Beginning to End - Brazilian Movie. Warning: incest between half-brothers

I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone - Brazilian Short Movie. Linked Youtube

The Way He Looks - Brazilian Movie. Longer version of I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone

North Sea Texas - Flemish Movie.

Jongens - Dutch Movie. This one was on Netflix last time I checked


https://mydramalist.com/13605-i-love-you-as-a-man and its sequel

https://mydramalist.com/22703-senior-secret-love-puppy-honey-2 , it is better to watch the prequel before watching this one.

Shelter, 2007 English movie

Plan B  2009 German movie  

Formula 17- (Taiwanese Movie) it's a lighthearted campy rom-com.

No Touching At All- (Japanese Movie) It's an adaptation from a manga.

First Love- (Japanese Movie) The acting and directing are not great, but it's charming and fun with a happy ending.

Enter the Phoenix- (Hong Kong Movie) The main character is gay, and although there isn't really a BL romance in the movie, I really enjoyed seeing just how well they treated the gay male lead and how they treated the friendship he had with his best friend.

there's Long Time No See, and Together With Me, which would be having a second season in August, so you should give it a try!

+1 for Method- I personally LOVED that movie

Boy Next Door- is hilarious but def not bl but more bromance

Like Love- if you like Addicted Heroin you should like this, I did (the uncut verion is mature/ bed scenes)

I never thought I would like shows with bl but my goodness its become a fast fav of mine. I think China makes the best ones but since this ban has put the kaibash on them, I'm finding it difficult to find good ones. -_-

Thank you all so much for you suggestions. I watched Puppy Honey season 2 so far and plan on looking at your other suggestions. WOW I wasn't expecting so many responses esspecially nonAsian ones. Thank you again

I don't know if I should recommend because we have opposite tastes...a lot of the ones you like I didn't...and some of the ones you hated I loved...haha....so should I tell you the ones I hated in the off chance you'd like them? ???? Haha :P

Because of this post I've been actively looking for and adding bl dramas and movies (over 100 now) like a mad woman. I think I'm obsessed with them as the romance and banter is more to my liking than those between boys and girls.

Same here...I used to dabble maybe watched less than 10 BL movies way back in the day...and recently like in the last few months I think around  March or April...can't remember...I also have watched over 100 BL Dramas and Movies in the last 4 or 5 months

...although I didn't watch the ones that you liked What the Duck because I read the reviews and spoilers and I wasn't keen on dysfunctional relationships hahaha...when I already have mine hahahah.....I also didnt even bother to watch the ones that would make me look like a cradle robber hahahah.....Maybe to watch What the Duck...I would have to see how Season 2 ends first...because I hate watching stuff that leaves me hanging like how Like Love and Addicted did, clearly knowing that those series aren't finished but because of the ban, weren't able to continue with the next season....don't want to get "blue balls" again....haha

My fave series are:

Boundary Crossing / Crossing the Lines
Together With Me
Advanced Bravely I would put this higher if there was skinship …I think the novel was wayy better
SotusLiked the Season 1 only, Season 2 not so much
Stay Away from MeWish it was longer
Yandai Byway No. 10
Love is More than a wordNovel has more skinship, so I just used that to fill in gaps, 
My beloved EnemyNovel has more skinship, so I just used that to fill in gaps, but I hated the one of the main character in the novel

My fave movies are:

Seven Days
Long Time No see
Unwilling Marriage/Love Online: ExtraNot so much BL but the bromance is strong in this one
Just Friends?
Uncontrolled Love/Irresistable Love(the Happy ending version)
River Knows Fish Heart
No Touching At All
Eternal Summer
My Bromance
The Raccoon
 Tanky Toon:
I hate watching stuff that leaves me hanging like how Like Love and Addicted did

I watched them regardless of being incomplete because everyone kept talking about how good they were and I don't regret it at all. They just got me into watching more bl. My only issue with them is having low production value. Like Love is my fav and the quality is just atrocious.