When it comes to looks or social status or whatsoever. I've always seen dramas where the female lead is the inferior one and it is used against her every time. 

What I'm looking for is like in Eternal Love where the female lead is a High God so the uglies can't do anything to her. 

I would also accept something like in Love O2O where the female lead is considered to be one of the beauties like her love rival but the antagonist can't really attack her because of it. 

I hope I was able to make myself clear 

Thank you in advance ^^

https://mydramalist.com/13866-piang-chai-khon-nee-mai-chai-poo-wised -  FL is a rich beautiful girl,SFL not so much

https://mydramalist.com/12687-pope-rak - FL was rich and beautiful, SFL is ordinary

https://mydramalist.com/9885-raeng-pradtanaha -FL was rich and beautiful, SFL is ordinary

https://mydramalist.com/13848-high-society - FL  and SFL are friends from different background and ML has more in common with SFL than FL.

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