I need some thai drama recs.

I absolutely don't want any slap kiss, rape, or too much mature or tragedy stuff. Also don't want to watch any remakes of other asian dramas.

I'm currently into stuff where the lead lives with a secret identity, like their twin, doppleganger, or undercover. But I welcome all recs.

I've watched these so far:

Tawipob - loved how shameless and mischievous the FL was.

Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

Leh Nangfah

Khun Mae Suam Roy

Thanks :)

the below are my top Thai dramas till now  check if anyone make you interest to watch

khun mae suam roy  twin sister exchange their identity to find crime mystery and yes its slap kiss  

sawan biang only abusive slap kiss no romance

jam loy rak kidnapping slap kiss rape mistaken identity 

 wanida  contract marriage only one scene to slap kiss

  game sanaeha  lead teasing each other, little bit slap kiss, a contract marriage ,bet of love game

game rai game rak slap kiss rape amnesia

sud sai pan slap kiss, Mistaken identity, twin sister 

paragit ruk series 1-4  4 ML dedicated for their country and this journey make them to meet their destined love

cubic age gape , ML is mafia leader , FL 17 yrs school girl who end up in mafia world by  her wisdom she survive no kisses only hug

roy leh sanai rai marriage for property , slap kiss rape kidnapping

the crown princess princess hide her identity as a common woman who is wife of a navy officer 

padiwarrada FL marry ML in place of her not blood related sister little bit slap kiss

karn la krang neung nai hua jai  little bit slap kiss , mafia theme main focus

lying heart marriage for revenge , only force kisses no slap strong FL

ra rerng fai fake kisses real slap , force marriage for love FL and take revenge to her father

kluen chiweet slap kiss rape

bpoop phaeh saniwat

jao sao jum yorm one night stand , contract marriage , slap kiss in sweet way not in aggression , mystery  

I recommend the project S series. They are all very good and meaningful. It may not tick all your boxes but believe me you won't be disappointed. My favourites in order: Skate Our Soul, Spike, Side by Side and shoot I love you.