I mostly watch dramas for the sweet romance. I especially like ones where the guy falls in love first and gets crazy about the girl. I also like a touch of something forceful, like having to live together, get married, pretend to be together or whatever. Don't know why, somehow I like the woman to be forced to do something;) Can you recommend me something like that? :) I love both of the leads being pretty. Ah, and I only watch korean and japanese shows. Thanks!

Your post remind me of the Kdrama i'm watching arn, it's Fated to love you, and I think it matched your criteria. It's a cute romance where the main leads are forced to be together 'cause of a little incident. It's funny and cute, I did not finished it yet but for now it's pretty cool. The ML is a bit extravagent but you get used to it quickly :)

A little different from what you want because the guy is kind of indifferent/cold at first, but try Because This is My First Life!  My mom and I loved this series once we got to the parts where he starts showing more affection.  (Btw I looked at your list and saw a lot of good Korean series I love!)

Not a forceful romance, but a sweet and touching one - Just Between Lovers.

Boku, unmei no hito desu -- dude isnt exactly crazy for her (well he is tho later) but because he was to told he has to marry her or else they world would face doom. funny drama.

  • Secret Garden 
  • Shopping King Louie 
  • Goblin
  • Coffee Prince 
  • Clean with a Passion
  • Beauty Inside 
  • What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 
  • Suspicious Partner ( girl falls first but they live together and then he falls hard) 
  • Black Devil and the White Prince 
  • Shine or Go Crazy

I actually wrote 2 articles about this: contract relationships & male falls in love first

The one of contract relationships is kind of old, so you can check my updated list here.

I recommend I am not a robot. The romance is so cute. The female lead isn't really forced to do anything but she is being payed to trick the male lead into thinking she is a robot and she kind has to follow his orders while acting... lol it sounds strange but i swear it makes sense. I hope you watch this if you haven't yet. You wont regret it.

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