I know this is a pretty common theme in the drama world, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for dramas with love to hate relationship? As in, where the leads start of hating each other and bickering all the time, but end up falling for each other?

I've seen dramas like Brilliant Legacy, Master's Sun, and Secret. 

Please send me any and all recommendations!

Right now I can only remember those although some may be more a relation where they don't care about each other or get annoyed by one another to love:

Something About 1 Percent 

The Beauty Inside 

Murphy's Law of Love 

Stars Falling From the Sky

I Hear You

Touch Your Heart 

Top Star Yoo Baek 

Those are the complex one where their relationship progresses from Love to hate to Love:

Cunning Single Lady 

Emergency Couple 

I've been using the tag system to tag the shows I've known with various tropes. Here are the ones tagged with "Hate to Love":


Hate to Love is one of my favorite themes too. Made myself a custom list, perhaps you can check it out: I Love to Hate You

Is it love to hate or hate to love ? Your title and description are confusing.

Falling for Innocence
Cheese In the Trap

feel good to die