Heyyyyy! As you can guess from the title im looking for an historical drama with an obsessive male lead and with the FL falls for him anyways. So dramas like moon lovers, the kings woman, siege in fog. You can also suggest dramas that are not historical like cruel romance, secret.. I mostly prefer chinese dramas but as you can see korean are also fine. Thank you!!!!! <3   Ps. if you could also say if they are happy endings or not. 

i'm into that genre too .. i will recommend some names for you ..

lee jun kai (Chinese)
autumn's concerto (Taiwanese)
empress ki (Korean)
love me of you dare (Chinese)
loving never forgetting (Chinese)
my heart twinkle twinkle (korean)
eternal love (chinese)

Chinese and Taiwanese:


  1. Eternal Love  Happy.
  2. Prince of Lan Ling  Not really.
  3. Scarlet Heart  Not Happy.
  4. The Eternal Love  Open
  5. The Eternal Love 2  Happy.
  6. The Story of Ming Lan  Happy.
  7. General and I  Don't know.
  8. Sound of the Desert  Don't know.
  9. The Cage of Love  Don't know.


  1. Bromance  Happy.
  2. Devil Beside You  Happy.
  3. Best Time  Happy. 
  4. Boss & Me  Happy.
  5. Love O2O  Happy.
  6. Sealed With A Kiss  Not really.
  7. Moon River  Don't know.
  8. I Love My President Though He's A Psycho  Don't know.



  1. Once Upon a Time... In My Heart  Happy.
  2. Kiss Me  Happy.
  3. Waves of Life  Happy.
  4. The Cupids Seres: Battle of Love  Happy.
  5. Another Miss Oh  Happy.
  6. Coffee Prince  Happy.
  7. Descendants of the Sun  Happy.
  8. Devilish Joy  Happy.
  9. Encounter  Happy.
  10. My Princess  Happy.
  11. My Secret Romance  Happy.
  12. Oh My Venus  Happy.
  13. Secret Garden  Happy.

Goodbye My Princess!!!! 

Omg it is a cruel obsessive love and I’m not usually into tragedies but this one totally consumed me!!!  It takes a while for you to see how obsessed the male lead gets.  From the beginning he is lying and tricking her but he does fall in love with her and won’t let her go.  It’s a totally obsessive gut-punch of a love lol(Chinese historical on Viki)

Sound of the desert

Another Chinese historical, it’s great and there is good romantic tension between FL and both guys.  The ML isn’t really that cruel, but he is obsessed with her and basically won’t let her go.  I had to watch on YouTube but it’s subbed in English.  

Que sera sera 

Falls into this category for sure!  This one is a little older (I can’t remember if it has a happy ending though) and it’s Korean.  

Summer's Desire

Secret Garden

Well intended love

  • Black Devil and the White Prince 
  • What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 
  • Hwayugi 
  • Clean with a Passion 
  • Black 
  • Mask
  • Mars
  • Devil
  • Goblin
  • 100 Days My Prince 
  • That Winter the Wind Blows 
  • Scholar Who walks the night
  • Beauty Inside 
  • Wok of Love 
  • My Strange Hero 
  • Kiss that Kills 
  • Flower Boy Ramen shop