I'm looking for some doramas about weight loss; either dieting, exercise, just something where it's  a part of the plot.. Basically,  revolving around the character's weight. Doesn't have to be the main point, though.

I prefer Japanese doramas!

Also ed stands for eating disorder, I wonder if there are any doramas that have touched on that topic?

If you want to try korean dramas I recommend you Oh My Venus. 

  • Rebound
  • Let's Eat 2
  • Hwapyeong Princess's Weight Loss
  • Secondary characters:
    • Dream high
    • Weightlifting fairy Kim bokjoo
    • My Id is gangnam Beauty
    • Moonlight draw by clouds

I don't know any Japanese dorama about weight loss but I've seen an insanely hilarious movie about a huge fat guy who's adored by a fragile, tiny girl. She constantly feeds him with all kind of self baked cookies, cakes, beef and healthy meals ;-) My Love Story!

Not just a make-over story about a fat lady, but also a beautiful crime, love & revenge story: Birth of a Beauty;

Finally stories about porky guys who become pretty boys after serious weight loss: She was pretty & remake Pretty Li Hui Zhen; Korean movie Runway Cop

Only know Korean dramas 

  • Oh My Venus 
  • The miracle 
  • Perfume 

Radiation House! The male lead was chubby when he was young and when he grew up he lost weight and went back to find his first loVe