I dunno whether you know anything like this, kinda odd to ask... but does anyone know any dramas where the ML pursues the FL, and maybe she loves someone else or doesn't see them that way. There comes a point in the drama where she finally gives in to the ML, (maybe after he's stopped pursuing her or believes she's in love with someone else). Kind of talking about dramas like Strong woman Bo Dong Soon, Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo, DOTS, Because of You... Doesn't matter what country, so THANK YOU IF YOU CAN HELP!! X

The greatest love (this is exactly what you look for)

A Gentleman's Dignity 

Secret garden

https://mydramalist.com/8996-boss-me (idk about this, but he definitly starts flirt first in a little weird way)

Cruel Romance 

Dal Ja's Spring 

From Me to You (movie)

I Do, I Do 


Lady & Liar 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

Prince of Lan Ling 

Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan 

Tree of Heaven 

Devil Beside You

All of it has moments when male goes after female and when she is not sure about their relationship, but The greatest love and Secret garden are exactly what you asked for.

You are welcome 

Scarlet Heart Ryeo came to my mind in an instant.  It's a good story but I really wished FL ended with the initial ML. 

Before We Get Married - it's borderline infidelity because both the ML and the FL have their respective partners, but the FL resists the ML's advances for the most part

  • Secret Garden
  • The greatest love
  • Sekai ichi muzukashio koi
  • Boku unmei no hito desu
  • High end crush
  • Hana yori dango