Bickering and hating one another but still protecting, saving each other but not accepting they're friends, is a trope I love. I want a list of dramas to watch where there's this kinda friendship, pretty plz. The following conditions may apply:

-Good looking guys

-Longer episodes (if not, then ok)

-Adventures together (if possible, exploring)

-[optional] One of the ML must be naive, cute/ oblivious and the other must be smart,hot/ tsundere

Bonus if one of them helps the other overcome emotional conflict or trauma.

Plzzzz. ....I'm effing starving. Feed me with some recs! I watched a bunch but can't find more. Help!

I watched,

Moorim school(cool)

Five (osum)

The lost tomb series(best one)

Vampire detective

Kill me heal me

Candle in the tomb (wow)



Arsenal military 

The bridal mask.

Plz. Give me some.???????? :=( {chemistry between the male leads plzzz}

You’re beautiful 

Let’s fight ghost

Prison playbook ( they are living together in jail , they begin as thugs and a solidarity appears between them. You’ll love it!)

Destined to love you

I would recommend Goblin, the male leads live together and have a frenemy relationship. I heard that some people didn't like that drama, but I really enjoyed it. The way they argue with each other is really funny.

The second one would be A Korean Odyssey, They kinda hate each other, but they also live together and argue a lot.

I hope you like these ones.

1. She was pretty

I have already watched it twice and I really liked how the story evolved. It's about a FL who used to be pretty and wealthy but as the years passed she just lost her spark and beauty due to difficulties. Later, she kinda reconnects with her childhood friend and  love only to find he became quite handsome. Because of her drastically change, when they decide to meet up he didn't recognize her so she has her best friend to meet him in her place just to not dissapoint him. They discover they work together but the ML is cold and rude to his formal best friend.  

2. Hua Jai Sila

Another fave of mine. This is a Thailand drama with revenge/frenemy situation. The ML had a difficult childhood life and specific people turned his life into a miserable hell so he returns determined to have his revenge. But he meets the only friend he had when he was young, our FL and tries really hard to hide his identity. So just to push her away and don't mess up with his plan he is cruel and rude towards her.  (Handsome ML, OMG.)

School 2013!

I really enjoyed the drama + the relationship between the two male leads!


  • Black and White
  • Kyou Kara Ore wa
  • Chief Kim
  • Tong: Memories
  • Nobuta Wo produce