Looking for something where the FL only pretends to be an underdog but isn't. That is she has the talent or skills but doesn't show it off for whatever reason unless it's to slap faces. 

I'm not looking for the typical underdog who trains/learns her skills along the progress of the show. 

kinda like:

Bride of the Century - due to shift in persons she has many skills the ppl in her surrounding doesn't expect her to have as they see her as a rich brat. 

The Fox's Summer - the time she spent away she built an alternate identity and is a famous designer under a different name outside China. iirc. 

Accidentally in Love - FL is actually richer and more beautiful than all her "enemies". 

thanks :) 

Baby-Faced Beauty - she has skills but is pretending to be far younger than her actual age to get an entry level job in a fashion company (she's too old to get the job she wants)


Story of Ming lan!!!

+1000 for that!! :)