So, I‘m relatively new to the Asian drama scene but I have deeply immersed myself into it since having started! Can’t get enough!  I am looking for an Asian drama similar to Bromance.  I love the utter devotion and no real outside interference (not a fan of triangles) and where they are so in tune with each other.  I loved the almost-kisses that just increase the tension and when they finally give in its like the floodgates have opened.  Big fan of skinship, I love the openness of affection.  Also not a fan of constant breaking-up.  Dunno if my requirements are too much!  

Hoping for some inspiration! - I've only watched upto episode 8 so far and the "tension" and almost kisses is overboard, lol. almost feels like you're watching a lakorn at times... you can find it subbed on YouTube. 

I love Love O2O for that reason.