Hi guys!

I've not seen many dramas at all and I have a small list of horror based dramas to watch, but I'm hoping to find some more as some time to binge has appeared in my future. I already have:

- Possession
- Strangers From Hell
- Soul
- The Doll's House

Any country welcome!

(have seen Thailand's ThirTEEN Terrors)

Yes. It was really creepy.

Thank you! Will add this to my PTW!

zeamays Contributor

How about old school cheesy horror?  If so, maybe check out M.  

I'm down for any type! I'll give it a go!

  • The Guest
  • Korean ghost Stories
  • Nightmare Teacher
  • Grudge: Revenge of a Gumiho

Catch the Ghost! - yes, please give this title a chance. It's really good.

Here’s a mix of Asian and non Asian tv shows that I’ve enjoyed.

Bring It On, Ghost

Channel Zero

Dead Stock

The Haunting of Hill House

Masters of Horror

The Master’s Sun

The Returned (the original French series)

Tokyo Vampire Hotel

Twin Peaks

Ooo, brilliant! Thank you so much! Noting these down ^^