I don't want the male character to be love interest, Tbh I don't want romance! I just want male character obsession the main focus where he thinks he likes her or something like that. I want the drama/movie to show his obsession as creepy! I would like if FL fights back. He could be her stalker or something too in drama/movie.

you should watch Love in Sadness (if you haven't already) the villain is super possessive/crazy over the FL and tries to find her everywhere when she tries to escape from his abusive behavior, it's a remake of a 1999 J-drama but imo the k-drama is much more thrilling with Ryu Soo Young's awesome acting

Dinner Mate (it's not the main male lead who's obsessed with the MFL )

The World Of The Married (the ex husband of the FML is obsessed with her)


  • Story of a Man 
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • Bridal Mask
  • Meloholic
  • My Mister
  • Lovers In Bloom

I don't completely remember but I think there was no obsession in My mister.

Correct me  if I am wrong.


I don't completely remember but I think there was no obsession in My mister.

Correct me  if I am wrong.

I agree, the 2nd ML the thug now he was obsessed with the F L.  I wanted to see more of him personally.

The ML was too into his trifling wife to see  how Amazing the FL was.

This happens a good bit in Chinese dramas. The ones in this list are available for free with subs on YouTube. 

Wonderland of Love (historical) 

I Will Never Let You Go (historical)

Princess Silver (historical) 

Lie to Love (modern) 

Perfect Couple (historical)

Love and Destinyhas a 2ML who is obsessed with the FL, but his crazy doesnt start until past halfway point.  His obsession is slow burn; starts with friendship, then love while living together as friends..then once ML is back in the scene -  nutville ( He kills her mom, her sister and then when he still couldnt have her, signs up to be the next Demon Lord.   ).   Just FYI, the first 20 ep is really slow, but it ended up being a fantastic fantasy cdrama.

Door Lock ? or Midnight though I think none of them feel anything love related towards FL especially the last one