Join the club. Tell me: how excruciating is your journey so far? 

It's torture for me at this point, especially with what happened in the last episode...

I feel the same. I feel like both of them don't really love her, so out of the two, I'd say she should have gotten closer to the King after the "death" of Yeok and he should have realized his affection for her a lot sooner. Add to that that she helps the King becoming a better person by filling the emotional void he's been feeling since childhood, he actually started to be a good King when they got closer, while  Yeok shamelessly enjoys his romance, knowing that he will eventually lie to her, use her for his rise to power and kill her family...
Not to mention what's gonna happen when he realizes that his vixen of a concubine is actually manipulating him and his brother to make them fight in order to accelerate chaos for their own gain

girl you can't solve your emotional needs with things. Gold isn't love but love is gold, you know what I mean ? 
...If you don't, can't you just die already ? 
I have a theory about how the drama will end...because I read it on Wikipedia, and now I'm doomed to see destiny unfold...
I haven't even started on this drama, but reading your comments has made me realize something........ There is only 2 participants in this discussion excluding me -_-. Anyways let me actually start to watch this drama then I will join yous. 
I'm innnn!!!  Seriously I love how smart The King is, and I prefer Chae Kyung with the King, because he at the very least tell her the truth before marriage, that he wanted her to be his spy & told her what kind of marriage she's into, unlike Yeok which imo too incapable & only had lies as his answer for every problem he had.
I love how Yeong is confronting the queen dowagers about her possible upcoming plan dissing on Chae kyung. Oh and I really hated the post King (Yeong & Yeok's father), he & his damn secret letter @$%*¥£ is he really a father??, ughhh I feel Yeong's pain, not having a mother, a father or anybody to share his burden nor family who care for him. He is so pitiful :(((
If I were Chae Kyung I'll be so damn mad at Yeok's,  no matter how I love him, it's not only her but her family's life is all on stake because of Yeok's traitorous act, Yeok should have told her the truth from the very start at the very least, so both can find a way out, together.. 
Yes! The king is far more honest although he is kind of cruel. I don't think he will ever hurt our heroine but for some reason, I have a feeling that Yeok will...

EDIT AFTER EP 16: Lol yeah, never mind.
My second lead syndrome began when Chae Kyung ends up in the lake together!!

The other actors are good, but His Majesty interpretation is exceptional. When an actor shades a whole cast.

I can't help but think what if someone genuinely loved the King, then he wouldn't have had to do the things he has done for the attention of someone whose heart is already loving another.