It would be nice to have a field for people to mark down their education. Preferably in a way where you can choose the type (middle school, high school, university) and then add all that apply, and fill in the school name (and when applicable, the department and degree).


I'm rather new to this site but have some experience managing similar environments. I have a degree in something from somewhere and it has very little to do with what I actually do.

Advertisers might be interested but I don't think that education is relevant to anything that MDL does. It's the sort of thing that  nobody would think of asking if you hadn't told them about it. On my sites I never found that more "about me" fields contribute more than clutter. I think our posts and interactions tell other people here all that they need to know about us. 

If your goal is to promote a harmonious environments then encouraging people to add things that automatically rank people like educational achievement to their profile will not do so.  Let folks write it on their profile if they think that it's important or have the management post a survey.

Two cents. 27 won.

It's for actors/screenwriters/directors, not users. :) We already include that info in their biography, just like Wikipedia and other sites like NamuWiki do. What I hoped was to have the education listed in the information box where their birthdate etc. are, instead of the text body. That would make the text part shorter.

Oh lol. I'll dock you two points for not spelling out that it's the "People" category and myself five for being dense.

Of course it makes sense. But why stop there? A lot of this and similar data is already out there and organized. Has the Management discussed using  the wikipedia API to  simply pull that kind of data and integrate it?

For a second, I also thought, it is for users. Could you pls highlight the “people” part?

Lol. I guess I wasn't as clear as I thought I was... I put it in the title now :P