I want to change my username

Your username is permanent, but you can change your display name.
To add to Ji-N's reply, to do so you can go here: http://mydramalist.com/account/profile and change your display name.

When you change your display name, everyone will see your username as that. The only difference is that when someone visits your profile, the profile link will remain as http://mydramalist.com/profile/Samy .
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Should be closed.
Display Name can't use space character?

I don't like that it has no delete account feature plus you can't change your username. I registered with my Google+ account, then after that, I found out that I can't change my username which is automatically assigned by your website.

I want to delete my account because I can't change my username. Sadly, deletion of account is not available also. I can't. This website gets 0/10 for privacy.

You can always try email us to change your username or delete your account as it stated in the our privacy. Just drop us an email if you need your username change.

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