I'm looking for dramas / movies without a romance plot. Genre, length, age rating etc. don't really matter, can be horror, crime/mystery, fantasy, slice-of-life or whatever;  short web drama or 50 episode lakorn; PG to Mature --  I'll try anything.
(No, wait, one restriction: I'm not looking for documentaries.)

Are there any from Thailand which you can recommend?

Thank you!

Girl From Nowhere,  Season 2 (I'd personally recommend this as a starting point. I've never seen a drama quite like it) 

In Family We Trust


Skate Our Souls

The Debut

Thai Cave Rescue (based on a real-life rescue mission so it might be a tad close to a documentary but IMO very worth watching)

Midnight Museum

The Gifted,  Season 2

A Gift to the People You Hate

Tea Box



I haven't watched too many Thai dramas but there's a few that come to mind. I tend to stick to horror and psychological thrillers for the most part.

Wow, that's a lot! Thank you!

Sweet Sensory, from Thai PBS with English subtitles, https://www.thaipbs.or.th/program/SweetSensory/episodes/93887 

Plus one for Enigma & Midnight Museum (especially Enigma). And of course there's always Nang Nak ;)

Thanks! A different genre, I appreciate it!

I'm currently stuck in episode eight of the Midnight Museum, that episode is heartbreaking -- I also kind of miss the delightful creepiness and gore of the first epsodes.

Hang on, you're almost there :)

(Thinks, which story was 8? Looks at cast list. Achh, my heart.)

I remembered another, a film called Heart Attack. It's tightly focused on two characters, an overwork-aholic and the doctor who treats him and if things were different maybe they'd have gotten together, but it's primarily their friendship.