Some one posted this original story. I highly recommend reading it (very short) because the author wrote it really well. It gives me a feeling of empathy for the sisters, how serious their situation was,  and why the male character broke up with Xu Yan. It shows the characterization in the story. Although it won't be as bad in the drama as they will probably romanticize it. Please let me know your feelings after you read it. I felt very sad because mistakes were made, although not their faults but the system's unfair policy. And their world just shattered afterwards:.

Sadly story is too short, wish there is more even I know it will change when adapted.  Qiao Lin's love for Xu Yan is so touching. So unfair that the sisters had to pay for their parents and society's mistakes. Having 2 immature and irresponsible parents destroyed Qiao Lin and altho Xuyan suffered, she became the stronger of the two. On the one child policy , did Shen's mother said, you can pay a penalty? So instead of aborting it? Sorry not clear on this... and how sad Shen cheated on Xu Yan with perhaps his first love ? Altho I can't imagine how he can trust Xu Yan with all the lies never mind her unimaginable background. 

 More about one-child policy:

I don't think he cheated on her.  I was confused until I read the author's notes because it happened so suddenly. Remember he told her there was nothing between him and the friend. He's a nice person too.

I think the reason for the break up was that he couldn't live with her any more once he discovered she was the sister of Qiao Lin. I think he felt guilty that he didn't help ... if you read the author's note at the end, the people who know about it and didn't help are also guilty. 

Ahhh I did not read the author's summary. It was confusing and didn't make sense. Thanks!

the producers released hot search last month and said drama different from novel, original script. Basically they used the backgrounds and names from this novel took some of the plot .

The biggest difference is we wont see any of the thought provoking cause and effect one child policy , suicide ,fertility issues.


Qiao Lin committed suicide and left her baby to Xu Yan

Her bf Liu Tao ran away from responsibility. Yu Yi Ming who had a crush on Qiao Lin in high school days ,was already in a relationship.

Shen Hao Ming broke up with Xu Yan because he rekindled things with Fang Lei ( they were from same upper class circle) He has a younger brother that was his parent's accident { child wasnt wanted but they kept him and the reason why they could avoid 1 child policy was cause they became Canadians) 


Qiao Lin left her abusive husband Liu Tao, and looked for her sister. She liked Yu Yi Ming who has a crush on Xu Yan (someone else said this in comment section but i didnt see this in character synopsis)

Xu Yan and Shen Hao Ming are married but withheld their real thoughts, and SHM has a love child back when he was 18. They divorced, Xu Yan loses her job. At her lowest point she rebuilds herself and comes back stronger , starting a business with sister and friends . 

Shen Hao Ming realises he does love her and chases her back .

Thank you for the info. I like the drama version better!!! I don't like watching so much sadness. Even reading it makes me sad let alone watching it.  I guess one of the reasons I prefer C Drama  is that it doesn't deal with heavy issues due to censorships. 

The book also mentioned the love child he had when he was 18. He said it was an accident.

Thanks for the reference of the original novel. I'm glad that tencent producer didn't follow the entirety of the  original story , it's not gonna sell for  fans like me rooting to have some heart fluttering & romance in this  drama esp.  this is highly anticipated romance team up  between Rosy & William as main lead. I'm a romantic at heart  so when I read the novel , I felt disheartened and sad to know about the sisters situation & the society that XY have to struggle & pretend in order to live lavishly, and the characterization of shm and xy relationship in the novel is such a wicked game played within the rich society and the one that suffers at the end is XY with her poor upbringing. I hate to see XY suffer as such even shm is not a good & supportive bf for her in the novel.  I feel it's just not the kind of drama for Rosy. At least in the script tho they broke up, XY made her come back to achieve the top  with her own hardwork & resources. And with that , shm realized what an amazing person XY is ... the break up is necessary for XY to shine in her own way and that is more inspring and exciting to watch, after the initial struggle , the high ambition , step by step achievements of her self worth and wealth  at the end is the sweetest thing to have and the best part of course how shm wins back his ex wife  XY love and trust... 

Thanks for sharing it.