Here is a list of the best thai-lakhorns i have ever watched! As you guys see i am a big fan of Nadech,Yaya, Mark,Kimberly,James Ji, Ken and Anne. My favourite genre must be Slap-Kiss as i usually never sleep watching them,they are so intense! My number 1 tv-programme of all time is without second NY`s "Game Rai Game Ruk" which is a very beautiful made slap-kiss romance!

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  • Game Rai Game Rak
    1. Game Rai Game Rak

    Thai Drama - 2011, 21 episodes


    Mindblowing and passionate!This is my absolute favourite lakhorn ever!"Game Rai Game Ruk" changed my life and made me loose sleep in one night and i have re-watched it hundred times.I love this series so much that it`s hard to explain. Not to mention how explosively epic the chemistry are between Nadech and Yaya...just wow! Completely crushed me to pieces!

  • Sawan Biang
    2. Sawan Biang

    Thai Drama - 2008, 12 episodes


    It`s a train-wreck and it never gets boring. Having raw slap-kiss in it the story presents revenge, family, forgiveness,redemption..and least of all the power of love. This is a classic and have been adapted many times, but the version from 2008 starring the legendary nr:1 koo-jin at that time (in this generation NY is the nr:1 koo-jin) Ken Theeradeth and Anne Thongprasom is the most famous and highest rated and had won many awards at that time.

  • Panyachon Kon Krua
    3. Panyachon Kon Krua

    Thai Drama - 2012, 12 episodes


    My second time watching Kimberly Ann Voltemas and Prin Suparat (Mark) co-star in lakhorn,and i truly fell in love in this one.Their chemistry are explosive in this one,i love the fight-scenes and the so beautiful love-scenes,there are some angst also and...i just loved it all.I love the songs and the cast,it all was so funny and adorably romantic.The build up in the romance between the main-leads was a delight, full of laughter and passion! MK became one of my fave  on-screen couples ever!

  • Ra Rerng Fai
    4. Ra Rerng Fai

    Thai Drama - 2017, 14 episodes


    A stunning hardcore romantic slap-kiss that presents Vengeance,betrayal,torment, family, honor and are so full of deceptions that it mindblowns you.

  • Game Sanaeha
    5. Game Sanaeha

    Thai Drama - 2018, 14 episodes


    Taew Natapohn Tameeruks as the head-strong and spoiled heiress Nok, and James Ji as the Fearless but noble business tycoon Nai will get enraptured by the cold war between them, where a game will surface. While Nok bitterly hates Nai for everything he stands for, Nai who all along always loved her in the shadows fight desperately for her love...and i enjoyed every minute of it!

  • Soot Sanaeha
    6. Soot Sanaeha

    Thai Drama - 2009, 16 episodes


    Awesome plot,directing and acting.It can never go wrong with a Ken-Anne Team Up, and they deliver it to the full pot in this lakhorn.It is a great cast,lovely and funny scenes and i love the main leads so much i can`t describe it. The romance totally warms you up!

  • Oum Ruk
    7. Oum Ruk

    Thai Drama - 2006, 14 episodes


    Oum Ruk is a really sweet and charming lakorn about growing love,family and trust that has to exist to have one.I both cried and laughed many times while watching this lakorn, and the expressive chemistry between Anne and Ken was on point!

  • Kleun Cheewit
    8. Kleun Cheewit

    Thai Drama - 2017, 15 episodes


    No lakhorn lover can be a fan of lakhorns without having watched this drama, with all the consuming angst and the charisma of Yaya`s acting as the sassy and beautiful actress Jeerawat and the masculine attractiveness of Mark`s character as the skilled and brave lawyer Sathit, with the supporting characters behind them and the great dialuge and strong storyline, "Kluen Cheewit" is a entertaining journey of intense angst, tears of sorrow and heartbreak, redemption and forgiveness, lots of misunderstandings and a love so passionate and beautiful that it wins against all odds.!

  • Duang Jai Akkanee
    9. Duang Jai Akkanee

    Thai Drama - 2010, 10 episodes


    My first time seeing Urassaya Sperbund on-screen and seeing her and Nadech co-star together was a shocking experience.I fell in love with Yaya on first sight,and i loved Nadech acting as the wild Fai.

  • Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong
    10. Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong

    Thai Drama - 2012, 17 episodes


    This lakhorn is a very charming one,with very interesting characters and great plot.The chemistry between Yaya and Nadech are great as ever,and they never disappoint me.They lived in their performances and outshined the whole story.A drama about life,family,honour, responsibility and love.

  • Tarm Ruk Keun Jai
    11. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai

    Thai Drama - 2015, 14 episodes


    There are much drama,humor,rivals,and romantic scenes in here,and the romance between Nai Singh and Noona are so beautiful. Nadech and Mew are incredible in this lakhorn,love this lakhorn to the moon and back!

  • Raeng Pradtanaha
    12. Raeng Pradtanaha

    Thai Drama - 2013, 15 episodes


    "Rang Pratana" is a drama i very much enjoyed.Loved the fights and love-scenes between the main-characters. This was also my first time watching Kimmy as a heroine on-screen, and for having no kiss between each other in this lakhorn she sure had a explosive chemistry with Nadech.!

  • Neung Nai Suang
    13. Neung Nai Suang

    Thai Drama - 2015, 12 episodes


    Urassaya Sperbund is my favourite actress and she always impress me with her amazing acting and incredible beauty.This is also my first lakorn starring James Tangsrisuk,and i really understand why many girls love him. Became directly a fan of him over his performance as Neung Anawat. His chemistry with Yaya is also undenyably electric .

  • Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised
    14. Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised

    Thai Drama - 2016, 15 episodes


    This drama are a very intense one:with a passionate hero and heroine,slap-kiss,very much drama,and emotional scenes that made me cry so much.This one are a very beautiful lakhorn that shined through Kimmy`s  and James Ma`s amazing on-screen chemistry!

  • Ton Ruk Rim Rua
    15. Ton Ruk Rim Rua

    Thai Drama - 2013, 11 episodes

  • Lueat Tat Lueat
    16. Lueat Tat Lueat

    Thai Drama - 2015, 15 episodes


    This lakhorn did not only entertain me,but it also got me addicted to it.The powerful presence of the hero Thaecho and his romance with heroine Muey got me stuck in this whole mess.With a intruging plot it all added to the intense angst of this drama that also involves many dynamic and exciting characters.

  • Buang Hong
    17. Buang Hong

    Thai Drama - 2017, 12 episodes


    Kimmy and James Ji have got great chemistry,and i love the love-scenes,emotions and jealous-scenes between them,it all was so beautiful.We can also hear Nadech`s voice as Singh through a phone-call with Ramin,how i fan-girled!

  • Roy Leh Sanae Rai
    18. Roy Leh Sanae Rai

    Thai Drama - 2015, 14 episodes


      A very exciting,romantic and sexy slapkiss lakhorn with a hot alpha-hero and wonderful good-looking heroine.I really enjoyed watching Put and Lily co-star together in this amazing drama.Put did an amazing job in his performance as the Anti-hero Kongpope, but damn does his selfish plans backfire on him when he falls in love with Neung. This is a lakhorn i never tire of re-watching!

  • Roy Leh Sanae Rai
    19. Roy Leh Sanae Rai

    Thai Drama - 2002, 14 episodes


    Tik are just so handsome and Aom are so beautiful.They had an explosive chemistry in this lakhorn.No wonder they were a koo-jin at that time, damn how they sparkled together as Kongpope and Neung!

  • Majurat See Nam Pueng
    20. Majurat See Nam Pueng

    Thai Drama - 2013, 15 episodes


    This one was a hell of a ride:full of adventures,action,angst,romance,jealousy,emotions,and i both cried and laughed.This lakhorn is a awesome one to me,and those of you who are slap-kiss fans has to watch this!

  • Sud Sai Pan
    21. Sud Sai Pan

    Thai Drama - 2013, 17 episodes


    Vill Wannarot did a phenomenal job at playing two characters at the same time.This lakorn is a very intense one,with many villians,passionate intrigues and much drama.I totally enjoyed this one and have re-watched it many times.

  • Hua Jai Sila
    22. Hua Jai Sila

    Thai Drama - 2019, 27 episodes


    Great acting by everyone in the whole cast, skill-ful directing and wonderful story-line that develops in a different way than how the older version did.The more years go by, the better the action scenes gets in lakhorns, even if its far from perfection now either.I also love the background music, especially "I need to get you out of my head" and the old song (that is originally from the older version that also shows in this 2019 version sung by Tor) " Hua Jai Kong Ter".This is a slap-kiss romantic thriller drama...so expect lots of forced kissess, burning chemistry, sexy romance, murder, games of win or take,jealousy, heart-break, badass sexy hero...and a brave heroine who dares to love him.!

  • Tra Barb See Chompoo
    23. Tra Barb See Chompoo

    Thai Drama - 2018, 24 episodes


    I couldn`t sleep while watching this!Its a trainwreck in the romance genre and i just love it!Incredible performances and chemistry between Bua and Pon-and want more lakhorns with them!

  • Wimarn Sai
    24. Wimarn Sai

    Thai Drama - 2005, 10 episodes


    I just love the fast pace and the much delivered angst in this one-and Chakrit and Bee totally captured me with their mindblowing chemistry!