Detective/Investigation Dramas

As I mentioned in one of my reviews; most people feel itchy around Detective dramas while they happen to be one of my favorite genres. Yes, I know that the episodic pattern and the repetitive plots can get so tiring but amongst bunch of Detective dramas yearly produced (especially in Japan); there are always some gems hidden here and there. I always get a certain dose of detective shows out of every Japanese season of dramas. I also go back to older dramas in need. My PTW list of Japanese detective drama is practically endless. I saw few Korean detective dramas too, only OCN's and I love its way of doing detective! It's in the middle of the Hollywood and the Japanese way of investigation. In this list, I won't include films and some mystery oriented dramas. they will get their proper list. Once again, the order is for the detective value of the drama. Some ratings has nothing to do with it.
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