The best characters ever existed in dramaland. ♥

DragonAlien Aug 11, 2019
List of my favourite male characters from dramas who I find to be the most interesting ones, original, smart, brave, crazy, unique, loyal, funny and the ones who captured my soul the most. ♥Characters by order:1. Moon Jae-shin2. Takashi3. Prince Jing and Mr.Su4. Dang-sae and Bang-won5. Dongfang and Jiejie6. Gyoten7. Kanzaki Jun8. Detective Lee Jae Han9. Zhuge Liang10. Ming Lou11. Taek Soo and the whole Squad One12. Satomi13. Kanbee.14. Shin Hyeok16. Lee Jung Moon and Oh Goo-tak15. Yeo Woon and Chun17. 13th prince18. Yue Fei19. Han Xiao Dong and Yu Wen Yong20. Danno Tatsuya21. Ryu Tae-oh22. Dong Chan23. Chen Ling24. Doctor's son25. Choi Chi Hoon26. Inaba Naoya27. Ryu28. Choi Yeong30. Takumi31. Ryoo-ahjussi32. L33. JH and DR18. King Se Jon34. Ruo Bai41. Grim Reaper