Go Soo

Soo Go


  • First Name: Soo
  • Family Name: Go
  • Native name: 고수
  • Also Known as: Ko Su;Ko Soo;Go Su
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: October 4, 1978
  • Age: 40

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Soo Go

Go Soo

  • Name: Go Soo
  • Native name: 고수
  • Also Known as: Ko Su;Ko Soo;Go Su
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: October 4, 1978
  • Age: 40

Go Soo first appeared in a soft drink TV advertisement wherein he waits for his girlfriend in a curfew and, in 1998, appeared as an extra in a music video, the band Position's "Last Promise". He made his first step onto television in 1999 through MBC sitcom Jump, where his handsome appearance and cute smile reminded the audience of Cho Hyeon Jae and Ji Sung. He also drew critical praise when he appeared in the drama series Piano in 2001. One review described him as an "actor with precision." Piano was his first drama series produced by SBS, where he was asked to sign a contract. After this, all of his dramas have been SBS-produced.


Go had his first movie hit in 2004 as a drug crime officer in Some, the first film in which he performed his own stunts. In 2005, he starred in action-packed TV series Green Rose, playing a simple man who fell in love with a rich woman and was accused of a crime he did not commit. Green Rose was shot in both China and South Korea, next to KBS television series Full House and Beijing My Love.

In 2005, Go was awarded the New Star Award at the 42nd Daejong Festival. His new project in late 2005 is a drama-comedy Marry A Millionaire, where he plays a delivery man who was asked by a TV producer to act like a rich man to attract several women by his handsome looks. After playing wholesome and simple roles in dramas and while Marry A Millionaire is playing, he appeared topless in a cellphone television advertisement. He is macho in his appearance as he takes care of his body by working out and playing sports. Go Soo started his military service on March 2, 2006 and he had been assigned as a Civil Service Personnel in Gang Nam District, Seoul. Go joined co-actor Ji Sung, Suh Ji Suk, and shortly, Song Seung-hun.


On April 25, 2008, he was discharged from the Military and he received recognition for being an outstanding Public Interest Service Personnel. After 2 years and 2 months of his military service, Go had resumed acting, this time in theater, with the project The Return of President Eom. He was invited to join upon the recommendation of his acting senior Cho Jae-hyun, whom he met while working on Piano. Cho had played as his character's father. According to a source close to Go Soo, "After acting in Piano, Cho Jae Hyun is the senior whom Go most respects." Go Soo was also one of the actors who appeared in the photoshoot "Kolon Christmas Photo Shoot" in 2008, along with co-actors Joo Jin Mo, Song Il-gook, Jang Geun-suk, and Park Jae-jung.


In 2009, he worked in a movie, White Night, based on a Japanese novel of the same title. Go also completed his very first photo diary, "24 Hours with Go Soo", which was produced by co-actor and singer Ryu Shi-won, who used him as a muse.It spans approximately 100 shots, which will be produced as a DVD. Ryu also supports Go's career.

He made comeback to television in a melodrama, under the production of his home network SBS, titled Will It Snow For Christmas? which began airing December 2, 2009. Go is also to star in the 2010 movie Psychic, which released in May 2010.

Go is now working on his upcoming movie, Highland Battle, which will be released summer of this year.

Year Title # Role Rating
2019 Money Game
Korean Drama, 2019, 0 eps
(Main Role)
Main Role
2018 Heart Surgeons
Korean Drama, 2018, 32 eps
Park Tae Soo (Main Role)
Park Tae Soo
Main Role
2016 Flowers of the Prison
Korean Drama, 2016, 51 eps
Yoon Tae Won (Main Role)
Yoon Tae Won
Main Role
2013 Golden Empire
Korean Drama, 2013, 24 eps
Jang Tae Joo (Main Role)
Jang Tae Joo
Main Role
2009 Will it Snow for Christmas?
Korean Drama, 2009, 16 eps
Cha Kang Jin (Main Role)
Cha Kang Jin
Main Role
2005 Marrying A Millionaire
Korean Drama, 2005, 16 eps
Kim Young Hoon (Main Role)
Kim Young Hoon
Main Role
2005 Green Rose
Korean Drama, 2005, 22 eps
Lee Jung Hyun (Main Role)
Lee Jung Hyun
Main Role
2004 When A Man Loves A Woman
Korean Drama, 2004, 16 eps
Ji Hun (Main Role)
Ji Hun
Main Role
2003 My Fair Lady
Korean Drama, 2003, 16 eps
Shin Yeong Ho (Main Role)
Shin Yeong Ho
Main Role
2002 Age of Innocence
Korean Drama, 2002, 16 eps
Tak Suk (Main Role)
Tak Suk
Main Role
2001 Piano
Korean Drama, 2001, 16 eps
Han Jae Su (Main Role)
Han Jae Su
Main Role
2000 Mothers and Sisters
Korean Drama, 2000, 50 eps
Jang Kyong Bin (Twin brother) (Main Role)
Jang Kyong Bin (Twin brother)
Main Role
2000 Nonstop
Korean Drama, 2000, 55 eps
Himself (Main Role)
Main Role
2000 Say it With Your Eyes
Korean Drama, 2000, 54 eps
Ki Wung's brother (Support Role)
Ki Wung's brother
Support Role
1999 Jump
Korean Drama, 1999, 164 eps
(Support Role)
Support Role
Year Title Role Rating
2017 The Fortress
Korean Movie, 2017,
Seo Nal Shwe (Main Role)
Seo Nal Shwe
Main Role
2017 The Tooth and the Nail
Korean Movie, 2017,
Choi Seung Man (Main Role)
Choi Seung Man
Main Role
2017 Lucid Dream
Korean Movie, 2017,
Dae Ho (Main Role)
Dae Ho
Main Role
2016 The Last Princess
Korean Movie, 2016,
Lee Woo (Support Role)
Lee Woo
Support Role
2014 The Royal Tailor
Korean Movie, 2014,
Kong Jin (Main Role)
Kong Jin
Main Role
2014 Awaiting
Korean Movie, 2014,
Kim Min Woo (Main Role)
Kim Min Woo
Main Role
2013 Way Back Home
Korean Movie, 2013,
Kim Jong Bae (Main Role)
Kim Jong Bae
Main Role
2012 Love 911
Korean Movie, 2012,
Firefighter Kang Il (Main Role)
Firefighter Kang Il
Main Role
2011 The Front Line
Korean Movie, 2011,
Kim Soo Hyuk (Main Role)
Kim Soo Hyuk
Main Role
2010 Haunters
Korean Movie, 2010,
Im Gyoo Nam (Main Role)
Im Gyoo Nam
Main Role
2009 White Night
Korean Movie, 2009,
Yo Han (Main Role)
Yo Han
Main Role
2004 Some
Korean Movie, 2004,
Kang Sung Joo (Main Role)
Kang Sung Joo
Main Role
Year Title # Role Rating
2015 Let's Be Strange
Korean Special, 2015, 18 eps
Himself (Main Role)
Main Role
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