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Well....there are so many similarities that I can't even write them all because that would spoil them. What I will say is:

-Both females leads are low born and are interested in a form of art, while in Dong Yi it's music, in Yi San it's painting.

-Both female leads fall in love with the king.

-Both dramas have a second lead who is a brotherly figure who eventually ends up forming one sided feelings for her the female lead, and she'd known him since she was a child.

-Both female leads are forced to lose their brothers at a young age.

-Both dramas have a powerful villain who at one point was queen.

-Both female leads develop close relationships with the queen of the king they have fallen in love with.

-Both dramas will make you cry, though you'll most likely cry a lot more in Yi San, because Dong Yi is a bit happier.

Basically, both dramas give off the same kind of feeling because after all, the SAME writer AND directors who produced Yi San produced Dong Yi, and vice versa.
Recommended by Li Yan - Feb 27, 2016