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      I fell in to the drama rabbit hole after watching A Company man movie which starred So Ji Sub.

   After that I watched another of his called Always and while looking for others came across 

   Master's Sun.

       I'd been watching a lot of action movies at the time that's how I came across A Company Man,

   still trying to find my way back over there but realized resistance is futile! I now belong  to this 

    collective lol

         My favourite dramas may not be ranked very high, I like them because  some of them are among 

    the first I started  watching.   Also they're ones I can re-watch without getting bored they're my go-to 

    for a pick-me-up :)

         My ratings start from 7, anything below that was dropped before halfway through or skipped

     too many episodes. The ones on hold will eventually be completed otherwise they wouldn't be there,

     I get distracted or need the right mood to finish them. 

         The distance between the ratings may not seem like much but it's significant. 

         The 10s may not be masterpieces but they've earned that spot in my book.

          Enjoy whatever you like despite the rating!


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