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The first time I watched an Asian drama was when I was too young to even realise what was going on. I was only 4, and it was Jewel In The Palace. I ended up watching three other dramas after that and I always wondered why my family liked them when I found them so boring. Little did I know that 8-9 years later I would be so engrossed in the Asian drama world that my obsession would long surpass their past addictions to those dramas. 

Korean dramas got me into the Asian drama world. I've been watching them since 2013

I love both modern and Sageuk dramas.

I only watch one drama at a time as I feel that's more enjoyable as I can devote all my emotions to one drama rather than dividing them between several at one time. I also only watch completed dramas, since whenever I have time to watch dramas I always binge watch

Currently Watching: Legend Of Haolan

✖️First Korean Drama: Boys Before Flowers

✖️First Taiwanese Drama: My Lucky Star

✖️First Japanese Drama: 14-Sai No Haha

✖️First Chinese Drama: Perfect Couple

✖️First Thai Drama:Once Upon a Time...In My Heart

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