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Durham, NC


Durham, NC

I lived in Asia for 3 years and fell in love with the culture, customs, food, languages, and people. I was heart broken after leaving so I took to anything around me that was Asian. I used to watch a lot of anime but these days most of my time is spent studying a language, watching Asian dramas. and planning trips to Japan or South Korea. What is so funny to me is that I don't normally like watching emotional stuff but most Asian dramas must speak my love language because I am hooked. I cannot stop watching. 

There was one that almost turned me off of them completely though. It was one of the first ones I watched. I can't remember the name but the guy was so incredibly mean to the girl. He was a genus in school and she was not so much but she loved him and he practically hated her. He warmed up to her by the end but only slightly. I was like oh hell is this what Asian dramas are about? But then the next one made up for it. 

I wish I had found these dramas when i was a young girl learning about men.  I have had different expectations and standards. 

Most romantic thing I have ever heard in an Asian drama is "I want to help you evolve". It was in Bong soon Strong girl. 


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