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  •                                                          FINALLY BACK!!! 

  • So I was away for about year and half now, was trying my best to graduate with a great degree.... And here I am!! I'm finally back to the drama world, I'm really super exited!! :D 

  • Let me introduce myself  

  • Name is "Dana" call me (Dan)

  • A 2014 graduate!! XD

  • Veterinary Medicine Student 

  • And In my current situation I know nothing anymore about drams :(  

  • like nothing at all since 2014.. super super sad :'(

So I'm not gonna make it long for now since I haven't really thought about any introduction ideas... So until then, I'm under your guidance....

I would really love it if anyone would just pop and recommend me whatever is interesting to watch now! ;)


Here's my twitter account feel free to comment or ask for anything

Thanx For Reading!!!! <3


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