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I discovered Asian dramas and movies in 2016, when a colleague suggested watching Playful Kiss on youtube as she loved the actor Kim Hyun Joong. I did  and thought it was cute and different and light and aesthetically pleasing and slightly addicting and a refreshing change .The next drama I watched was Boys over Flowers. Got bored halfway through and dropped it. Next was Healer which got me hooked and I fell in hopeless love with the whole experience. Discovered MDL and there was no going back.

I have switched to Japanese dramas recently and the ones I watched and liked till now are Nodame Cantabile , Kimi Wa Petto, Love Shuffle, Pride, Yasha, Holyland, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Bitter Blood, Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko (Kamenashi and Nariyama are Best!). 

I have realised that watching asian dramas depends on the mood a lot. It changes every moment. I loved the new worlds introduced here , quite addictive.

Genres I like:

In romance, I like stuff with happy endings only, no dying.

Romance dramas I loved are : It's Okay, That's Love, MARS , Coffee Prince ,  Tatta Hitotsu no Koi , Hana Yori Dango , Love O2O, Bromance, Addicted Heroin , Gay OK Bangkok 1, 2 , Sotus: The Series. and many more (Special focus on BL) . Most of the dramas I have watched till now have a focus on romance so its difficult to pick favourites within this genre.

I like detective/spy stories both set in modern or historic time periods, but shouldn't be too slow paced or focus too much on moral issues otherwise it gets boring.

I am a huge fan of psychological dramas, specially well made ones with complex characters and unexpected twists. e.g Drama Special Series Season 1: White Christmas , Love Shuffle, Liar Game, 

Political or war related stories with more focus on characters and their dynamics rather then the technical or action aspect, i find interesting as well. e.g Battle of Changsha (although a tragedy)

I love fantasy, but poor CGI effects and bad acting is a huge turn-off 

Any kind of storyline focusing on character development, witty dialogue, and showing different relationships(friendships, love, family)  (and cute actors who can act) draws me in.

That's it about me, have fun :)

Currently obsessively watching : Kyou Kara Ore Wa He's coming to me.


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