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Quebec, Canada


Quebec, Canada

Hey you intruder ! No wait stay ! I like you. . . I think.

So I am a university student studying in psychoeducation, 22 years old. I started watching drama out of boredom from anime. . . Yes, not quite romantic. I wanted to watch something enjoyable and simple, so I watched Gokusen as my first Drama. I then got Jun baited and got iiincredibly hooked on Arashi. Seriously, at that point, screw dramas ! Arashi variety shows were all my life needed. So I watched every single episodes of their old variety shows and got lucky seeing them all before they disappeared of the ''easy accessible non private community super fantastiche streaming site''. So, because the deadly black hole wheel of dramaland is really effective, I then watched dramas starring arashi members, discovered other actors, music, actors, variety shows, actors that all led me to DRAMA

Then, my lovely best friend tortured me to watch a K drama (obviously I was not tortured but I was not quite eager) It felt a bit mehhhh. A few months after, I was addicted. The deadly black hole wheel of dramaland all over again : actors, music (kpop), actors, variety shows, actors . . . . 

In short, I love dramaland, and the american politicians that will stop me from watching them will. . . Well I won't give him a hug.

Feel free to talk to meh =) I am such a sweet person, what a better mix then canadian (polite & warm) and french (annoying & narcissic) ?!

The song I can't get out of my head right now : Gogol Bordello - The Other Side Of Rainbow

My favorite bad ass actor : Choi Min Soo

The actress I look up to right now : Takeuchi Yuko, of course

The drama I can't get over right now :   Iljimae 
Even tho it's been months I've watched it

The actors/actresses I can't wait to see back on the screen : Lee Min Ki, Lee Jun Ki and Takeuchi Yuko because Strawberry night the movie is coming out soon :) 

The variety show that keeps me from studying right now : Running man & Dad Where Are You Going ?

The OST I listen before going to sleep right now : Arang and the magistrate


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