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Hey all I'm Kiddy!
I've been a drama addict from the age of 5. I used to watch all types of dramas with my parents from young.
My first ever drama was Princess Pearl (China) and Jewel in the Palace(Korea). I had to rewatch them both when I was older beause back then I only had a slight grasp of the plots.
Since then I've been addicted and proud! :)

I'm full Chinese, and my parents are extremely Asian so I've been embraced by the culture to the core. I was born in Australia and I've been here ever since. It is the most wonderful country -aussiepride-
I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and of course fluent English.
I tend to prefer watching Taiwanese or Chinese dramas so I can multi-task while watching (aka. watching in class) instead of having my eyes glued to the subs.
However, Korean movies and dramas still dominate my list.

My drama list is not complete as there are tonnes of dramas I watched as a kid while I was completely oblivious to their titles. Still trying to track them down :(

I dropped out of my drama phase and turned to anime but in 2009 I was once again addicted with the classics like Boys Over Flowers, Hana Kimi and You're Beautiful.
Now I am very dedicated to both my dramas and animes.

My top five anime are:

  • Attack on Titan (SNK)
    Swort Art Online
    Fairy Tail
    Kuroko no Basuke

Thank you for reading!


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