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Okay dramas are literally  putting a hold to my life (i.e. 'no studying') so whyyyyy oh whyyyyy cant i stop watching them?!?...ok i know its something called addiction but any psychologists or even people who have self control out there that can cure me?...please don't tell me its incurable!

Ok first drama i watched was hana kimi about 2 years ago and it was sooo strange becuase i watched like more than 5 epidodes of it and thought that it was an anime until i realized there were human beings acting! :O...dont worry, im psychologically stable...well at least i like to think i am!

My favourite classic drama is coffee prince and current fav drama is queen in hyun's man...they are both exceptional and beyond reality XD
My favourite song is I will smile by Jo Sung meaning ever <3333

If you have any advice, drama recommendations or just feel like talking to someone who is a drama addict then don't hesitate to say hi and befriend me  ^_^


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