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Welcome to my profile :D

That weirdo in glasses is me and I'm deeply fangirling for these: SHINEe, The GazettE, Crayon Pop, Tokio Hotel P!ATD and Kerli. Well, what can I say? I'm a huge fangirl ><

A little about me: I get easily addicted to anything (mostly tv shows and bands), I'm on college and I love subtitling! (and learning languages haha)

Outside the drama world, I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Switched at Birth and Orphan Black, plus a ridiculous huge number of crime and police series such as Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU . I really am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and different kinds of animations.

I'm not into much stuff, I've done lots of things but none of them I loved so much...but I still like drawing and watching things haha!

Here is my account ~Bogogora~

If you wanna know my current anime list or series list just ask me :3 I watch a thousand of things at the same time ofsdfdfskof               


My cute little tumblr :

(This last gif was made by me that's why it does not look nice lol)


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