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My name is Sarah and currently I am almost 19,  getting ready for my sophomore year of college, and watching endless amounts of Asian Dramas while I should be doing most everything else. My love affair with Asian Dramas grew over a theatreless and endlessly ill summer, between fevers and other sick things my friend suggested I watch some KDramas to take up the endless hours of the day. I began with the classic "Boys Over Flowers" and it's been a downhill slope into addiction since then.

Roll forward six months and I became addicted to KPop and Kimchi as well. Honestly, at this point I'm pretty sure there is no going back. It has been two years now and I'm still going strong. I don't update my shoes too often during the school year, but now that it's summer break I'll be way more on top of my drama list. I'm currently watching ten dramas, which is a whole bunch more than I proabaly should, but I can stop at any time, just now within the next two months, I've got to see the end of The Interpreters! 

Also, I've been laughing for like the last ten minutes at the fact that I don't know U-Know Yunho. This cracks me up. This has got to make other people laugh too right? I honestly still find this funny and I wrote this last year or so when that Web drama of U-Know Yunho dropped.

I'm a huge romantic comedy fan, it's basically all I watch. I try to mix it up with a few actions dramas or some melos but it doesn't always work out... 

My Favorite KPop Boy Band you ask?

Infinite (They are perfection) 

My Favorite KDrama?


My Favorite TDrama?

Just You

My Favorite CDrama?

Shan Shan Comes to Eat

My Favorite Color?



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