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Rijeka, Croatia


Rijeka, Croatia

Annyeong haseyo  :D
My name is Maja. I am 27, and I am from Croatia :D

I started watching dramas about eleven years ago, when my friend told me about them ^^ She gave me quite a large list so I'll have a lot of work to catch her up :P (

My favorites are: The Princess' Man, Dong Yi, Faith, Queen In Hyun's Man, Hwang Jin Yi, Seo Dong Yo, Rooftop Prince, Queen Seon Duk, Empress Ki, You're beautiful, Tree of Heaven, They kiss again, Iljimae, Yi San, The Painter of the Wind and a lot more :P
I am a huge sauguk fan, so you will find a lot of these drama on my list :D <3

I listen to old rock, celtic, indie rock, gothic, classical music.. I sing, dance, sew, draw etc. ^^
I am also learning japanese, korean and chinese (mandarin) cause I like them a lot :D Ofc, I watch anime, and read manga too... ^^


"What on earth is Love?
I ask the World.
And I will answer
That which make us unhesitatingly
Grant life and death to each other
That is what Love is." The Princess' Man

"What is the meaning of painting?
The meaning of painting...
Wouldn't that be yearning and longing for..?"
The Painter of the Wind

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