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  • I am a 30 year old German girl, yes I still consider myself a girl. :D I did my Bachelor's degree in 'asian studies' and 'ethnology'. I learned or am still learning(it's an ongoing process) Mandarin, Japanese and a little Korean. I visited South Korea a couple of times, lived two years in China and spent one year in Japan doing working holiday. My Chinese name is 凯琳 Kǎi lín. I enjoy watching mostly Japanese and Korean drama (occasionally Taiwanese and Chinese too, if only they weren't so long) and think it's also useful for learning more about Asian culture.^^

I hate to not finish a drama I started, that is why I start watching several drama at the same time if I can't continue watching one for some reason. If I notice I still couldn't bring myself to continue watching after several weeks I put them on hold, knowing that I might never get back to them. I know it's stupid, but I feel I should still give them another chance before I discard for all of the drama that I finish I don't really give bad rating, because the fact that I still wanted to finish them, is proof to me that they can't be so bad.

If you have any movies to recommend feel free to text me, as I noticed I'm still very much behind on the movie watching. 

my name in Chinesemy name in Japanese

possibly my favourite male K-drama lead of all time


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