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Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit korean drama review
Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit
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by Jo-hannah
Jul 28, 2014
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
This is a pretty great story. Just imagine 3 good looking men turned into old funny grandpas out of the blue, and the journey they have to go through to discover why that happened to them. It sounds like awesome to me, and actually it started awesome, I remember how much I laughed in the first episode of this drama. It was probably the most hilarious 1st episode ever made in dramaland... But... Why a 7? Well, this drama was lacking in one aspect... I think the idea wasn't as well executed as I was waiting it to be. There were some holes in the story and I felt that some twists didn't have enough field to develop, and maybe it was because this was a mini-drama (I consider a mini-drama, anything below 15-16 episodes) Sometimes I also felt that some events were kinda rushed or suddenly introduced into the story, and yes, that's my only complain about this drama. If you are gonna give me a twist or add something to the story please let me see how that has been built previous episodes. Nevertheless, the story manages to keep your attention every episode. Just to make it clear: I liked the twists and the events, it's just that I wanted to see why that X or Y situation happened. Said that, this drama is funny, has awesome acting, and the characters were totally lovable, my favorite ones were Jung Woo and the Pink ahjussi ^_^ Great characters. This is very enjoyable, you'll not get bored and you'll have a little bit of everything: romance, action, comedy, thrilling moments, drama and a satisfying ending, and we all know that's very rare to find in dramaland TT_TT so, it's very appreciated. :) Thank you for that ending, writers.
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