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Does the Flower Bloom? japanese drama review
Does the Flower Bloom?
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by Tel
Jan 10, 2019
Does the Flower Bloom? japanese drama review
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
Sakurai San meets the 19 year old reserved boy yoichi minagawa while at work. Sakurai realises how much yoichi enjoys painting. Yoichi lost his parents in childhood and he took an instant liking to Sakurai San.

The story is ok. It is not the age gap. The actor who played Yoichi portrayed the sad emotions and insensitiveness required of his character well. Sakurai handled the maturity of his character well. But what was lacking is the chemistry. The Chemistry to bind the two characters acting well for this love story was missing. That makes everything less interesting. Even though the actors put an effort to justify their roles, the lack of chemistry makes it looks like the actors have not put in enough effort. If you look at the intimate scenes, it looks like the actors are unwilling or awkward(in a bad way) to do it. And that really put me off. Oh come on Sakurai San, you need to show the intense love in a very expressive way. Minagawa Kun also need to be more expressive. I felt Minagawa was intense but need to be expressive. These subtle expressions would have paid off in a big way if these two had Chemistry.

I liked the music part.

If you are expecting an intense love story, you might be a bit disappointed. Still if you have nothing else to do and just need to kill time, then watch it.
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