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My First K drama was Heart strings & BOF(watched them simultaneously). 

My favorite dramas till now are The Pied Piper, The Master's Sun, Signal, Rooftop prince, six flying dragons, Healer, Love me if you dare, Descendants of the sun, sungkyunkwan scandal, Gu family book, Moon that embraces the sun, Cruel city, Kill me Heal me,the Scholar who walks the night, Secret Garden , Heart strings, Pinocchio, Hyde Jekyll and I,  and the list goes on.

Watched three Taiwanese dramas because of Mike He - Devil beside you, Why Why Love and Sunny Happiness. They are just ok. Liked first few episodes of Bromance. Found Chen  Baron attractive after watching Bromance.

Watched one Thai drama Roy Leh Sanae Rai - I did not like it at alll. So stopped Watching Thai dramas.

Love Japanese Anime and the animes I watched are Death note, One punch man and Berserk. Loved all the  three. Looking for more on those lines but have not found any thing yet.

If you come across my profile and if you have some great anime or k drama suggestion, feel free to message me.


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