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   When it started  

I've been watching dramas since 2012

It all started from  Boys Over Flowers, after finshing BOF, my thirst for dramas (&movies) became real. Since then I have been watching dramas and movies with various genres, from action and crime to melodramas.

Dramas and movies with a sad ending is a NO-NO for me. (Yeah, I'm a little baby who cries at even the slightest sad scenes and cried an ocean after watching Our Heavenand 49 Days)

   First Dramas:  

K-Drama : Boys Over Flowers

J-Drama : Bloody Monday

C-Drama : Fall In Love With Me


NEVER will I watch dramas or movies randomly. I first look at the sypnosis and then the cast. If                 the story seems interesting I will watch it, whether my favourite actor/actress is present or not and             I tend to avoid the ones that I'll most likely drop.

    Favourite Genres: Supernatural (esp. time travel)  , Action , Comedy , Romance and Medical.


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   About Me  

Hobbies & interests : I like to try out new things to create new hobbies. My current hobbies and                                                                         interests are traditional drawing , listening to K-pop , tasting different coffees (I                                                              know...it's weird , right? XD ) , baking and photography.

    My biases in K-pop   


                            Oh Sehun (EXO) , Park Chanyeol (EXO) , Kai (EXO) , Baro (B1A4)


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